Tools for user story mapping

I’m just wondering whether anyone has a good recipe for managing user story mapping and sync’ing maps with GitLab issues?

Currently I’m using Trello for story mapping, and just including a link to relevant GitLab issues in each card. I’m aware that there are some tools that sync with Jira, but I’d prefer to avoid adding a third tool to the mix. Free options are a big bonus!



There is a good article at Maybe it will help you.

Right, sorry, I wasn’t really clear enough here.

The reason we still use Trello is that was want to keep user stories (that clients need to see) separate from use cases (that only Devs need to see). Having something separate from GitLab is a plus here, because it’s less confusing for clients.


It’s an interesting use case. What about creating two separate GitLab projects? Project 1 would be visible to clients, while Project 2 will be visible to developers only. Project 1 would contain user stories (as GitLab issues). Once such an issue is created, a webhook will be triggered, invoking a script which would create a linked issue in Project 2.

That’s a really interesting idea, I hadn’t considered keeping both things in GitLab.

I think Taiga integrated with Gitlab.

Also they have cloud and self hosted options, docker is easy to get going when you know where to look, but they’re working on making that official.

I’d say Taiga is between Trello and Jira, Jira is a bunch of options, trello has almost none, then Taiga, will let you have customers and all that kind of thing with enough of the Agile process to be useful.

Also, just to add, it’s open source, so while that web site says you have to take their limited free option, you actually don’t. You get the full blown thing if you self host it. Such as using the container here:

Thanks, I’ll check that out!