Tracking CI/CD variables added through UI?

I stumbled upon an issue where someone has updated the CI/CD k8s variables for my .NET service/API by copying the production environment ones to the development ones, thus deploying the service on development, runs production values, which is quite critical and Gitlab has no option to show when were variables last updated/created.

Is there any way to track the CI/CD variables that are updated or inserted through UI? I know that they can be hardcoded too in a ci/yml file, but as per GitLab’s guide, that is a big no-no.

What can I do in a situation like this?

@Phasebook addition, removal and some modify actions on CI/CD variables are available in “Audit events” if you are on Paid tiers. There is nothing for Free tier.

Thanks! None of the modify options are logged for us, but that would have been the proper place for them :slight_smile:

I quickly checked and variable value change is not tracked in there for me either. Since it seems you are on paid tier I’d suggest to raise this to GitLab support maybe there is a request for it already.

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