Not able to run pipeline with not verified account when shared runners are also enabled

recently gitlab has changed the policy, and now only verified accounts (with credit card) are able to use free gitlab runners. Due to some issue, I was not able to verify account.
But the issue is - for a project I have enabled shared runner and added few extra runners on my own. So I am not even able to run the jobs which use runners which I had setup, when I disable shared runners, then only I can run the pipeline. Is there any solution where verified accounts can use the shared runners and unverified accounts can use the runners, which I had setup?

Hi @aichrapawan
do you use tags properly to specify that it should run on your custom runners?
Any untagged job will be scheduled on the Shared Runners.

Hi @balonik , Thanks for your reply. Yes, I have used tags correctly and tested also, it is working fine. When I enable shared runners, it doesn’t even check the jobs, it fails before that, and it shows 0 jobs, and says you need to validate the account.

Looking at the blog it seems currently you cannot combine free shared runners and own runners for non-verified users. A user can also run pipelines without providing a credit or debit card if they use their own runner and disable shared runners for their project. I couldn’t find any more details about it.