[UI][v11.6] Dark theme issue


In Merge Request page, the syntax highlighting from dark themes makes the code review not comfortable on addition / deletion sections.

I suggest using darker colors for them. Here below a sample.




I used to have my “Syntax highlighting theme” set to “Monokai”, but earlier today I discovered that with some recent upgrade that has become unusable, here is a screenshot of some perl (new, so everything is an addition) code:
if anybody can tell me what pragmas/modules are used and what those two variables are called they have better vision than me.

I changed my theme to “Solarized Dark”, that at least allows me to work, but the difference between the foreground and background colour of added text is still not good.

Considering that gitlab only offers 5 themes for syntax highlighting it really shouldn’t be hard to test them all, but that clearly hasn’t happened (and I’m not even that surprised).

See also:

Considering that this was known three weeks ago, it has taken a surprising amount of time (okay it has been christmas and new year’s in those weeks, but still) to fix such a simple and annoying bug.

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