Unable to access gitlab.com on my home network

When I try to access gitlab.com on any browser on any device on my home network, the page just loads for a really long time & then I get a connection timeout.

This was working fine just a couple of days ago, but I noticed this issue yesterday.

I didn’t change anything about my network and I don’t have a firewall set up. I have to use my phone data to access the website in the meantime.


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Hi @DominicRoyStang and @Kofax_Jim, welcome to the GitLab Community Forum!

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble connecting. Is this still an ongoing problem?

If yes, to help us investigate and troubleshoot this further, can you please share some additional details? https://about.gitlab.com/handbook/support/workflows/500_errors.html#connection-troubleshooting

traceroute gitlab.com
curl http://gitlab.com/cdn-cgi/trace
curl https://gitlab.com/cdn-cgi/trace
curl -svo /dev/null https://gitlab.com

Thanks in advance!

Hi Greg,

Thanks, its somehow working right now, i was able to visit the site, and do some pull/push changes



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It has been working for me since this morning as well. Looks like this is resolved.

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Could have been routing problems. Usually if I have problems trying to access a site I use one of the VPN services, and choose one of the countries on the list, say UK or USA, and then if I can connect, then I know a routing issue is causing the problem.

Locally, you can check if DNS resolves with dig or nslookup and if you are getting a reply from DNS with an IP, then chances are any problems with access are due to routing issues somewhere between your internet connection and Gitlab. Could be your ISP, or somewhere along the route.

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