My ip address cannot visit gitlab site

I can visit other sites, but always gives me a request timeout, i talk to my internet provider, but they told me to contact gitlab, how can i fix this, since last week i was able to visit

Hi @wuwenhuang,

Sorry that you’re having trouble connecting. Is this still an ongoing problem?

If so help, to help us investigate and troubleshoot this further, can you please share some additional details?

curl -svo /dev/null

Thanks in advance!

Could be routing problems. Usually if I have problems trying to access a site I use one of the VPN services, and choose one of the countries on the list, say UK or USA, and then if I can connect, then I know a routing issue is causing the problem.

Locally, you can check if DNS resolves with dig or nslookup and if you are getting a reply from DNS with an IP, then chances are any problems with access are due to routing issues somewhere between your internet connection and Gitlab. Could be your ISP, or somewhere along the route.