Unable to access gitlab.com repo (500 on web, 'Gitaly unavailable' on push)

One of my private repositories on gitlab.com broke this morning, I get a 500 error when attempting to access it on the web, and a remote: The git server, Gitaly, is not available at this time. Please contact your administrator. error when syncing via command line.

Checked gitlab status page and all systems seem to be working properly. I also don’t have problems with any of my other repos so this appears to be isolated.

Has anyone on here encountered a similar issue? Were you able to resolve it?

Status page seems to show problems: https://status.gitlab.com/

There’s also other posts here today about these errors, so would suggest it’s not just you.

try to clear your browser cache and cookies, then try to accessing the repository again.

I didn’t see before this post, I posted a similar issue at Gitlab SaaS push - HTTP 500 curl 22 - #2 by neoacevedo

As I described in the last part, I deleted the repository, created a new one - with the same name - and after that running the git push, I get the same result.