Unable to access my Pages for a repo

Hi everyone,

I’m deploying some reports using Gitlab CI to pages. This script succeeds.

However, when I try to access pages from the repo. I get a 404 error.


  • Project > Settings > Pages

Someone pls help me.

If you need more details

Hi @ngethe.maina,

Welcome to GitLab community! Were you able to get to your GitLab pages? It could take sometime for pages to go live. Other users also encounter similar issue and it was resolved. If you still get error 404, please feel free to provide the link to your project.

I hope that help.

Best regards,

Hi Rotanak,

The project has been live for months. :frowning: so no… not yet.
Here is a link: https://digital-wing.gitlab.io/crossdash/claims_api/

Hi @rotanak- I apologize for the late response. I never got a notification on this… and just assumed I had to live with the problem :frowning:

Hello @ngethe.maina,

Thanks for writing back. I was wondering if the following would work for you:

  1. Go to your project Settings > General
  2. Go to Visibility, project features, permissions
  3. Under Pages change from Everyone to Only Project Members and Save
  4. Change the setting back to Everyone

Hey @rotanak

I have done as requested and unfortunately nothing… Still getting a 404 error on the url.

Hello @ngethe.maina,

That is a weird behavior. I was wondering if I could have the permission to try changing the setting on your project on your behalf in order to troubleshoot this.

Hi @rotanak
I don’t mind providing you access to the repo to help us sort it out.

Let me know how to proceed.


Hello @ngethe.maina,

Thanks for writing back.

It seems the problem was that there was no index.html for your Pages public directory. I see you have artifacts like public/erd.pdf which is accessible through https://digital-wing.gitlab.io/crossdash/claims_api/erd.pdf. To view https://digital-wing.gitlab.io/crossdash/claims_api, you’ll need an index.html. It’d be helpful to go through https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/user/project/pages/introduction.htm for more detail regarding GitLab Pages.

I hope that helps.

Hi @rotanak,

I think I had it all wrong.
I think my expectations were that once I click on the link to go to pages, I’d see the reports or something. But I get it now.
If you navigate to the specific pages you can access / download the reports.

Thanks You for helping me solve this.

We can now close this task.