Gitlab pages stop working

Hello everyone!

My gitlab pages stop working returning 404 page. Nothing have been changed since about month. Public access for pages is set to true, but noone cant access my page. I also tried to restart ci/cd and remove/recreate pages from Settings/Pages, but it solves nothing.
My page should be located here.

Can someone help me, please?

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I’m having this issue as well, haven’t changed any settings in a week, and was working fine yesterday.
Asks to login when going to the URL and when logged in, its a 404. Visibility settings are set to everyone.

This applies to EVERY gitlab page in my account, not just a single one.

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Ok, it seems to be working now. Nothing specail has been done to fix. Probably something on Giltab side.

Yup, confirmed, everything now works again.