Unable to merge since yesterday

Hello, I have encountered a problem where I am unable to merge since yesterday. The merge button is disabled with the message You can only merge once the items above are resolved.

The thing is, there is no merge constraint applied (as far as I know). Attached below is the screenshot.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Confirmed that I am also getting this error.

All MRs in my project now get this error, even though none have conflicts. I’m currently resorting to local merges and pushes, but that won’t suffice for our team.

I thought perhaps there was something strange that had occurred with a recent merge commit so I reset, cherry-picked around the merge commit, and force pushed on a protected branch and that had no effect.

Have you configured any merge pipelines? If not, head to the project’s Settings > Merge requests > Merge checks and uncheck Pipelines must succeed.

That worked @deandre thank you! No pipelines are currently configured for this project, unchecking that option allowed the merge button to become available.