Unable to remove "Project Invite" group from top level group. Leading to seat quota

As an owner, I am unable to remove users from a group. Remove user button results in this error:

“Members who were invited via a group invitation cannot be removed. You can either remove the entire group, or ask an Owner of the invited group to remove the member.”

This is causing issues because the 5 people added shouldn’t have access and we are unable to add new users.

You would have to remove the group as the message says. If there are other users in that group that need to have access, and you are not the owner of the group that was invited, then you need to speak to the owner of the group, so that he removes the people in that group who shouldn’t have access.

Otherwise, remove the group, and then invite people individually that were a part of that group and need access.

Unless I’m missing something and don’t understand your situation?

Where can the group be removed? I have looked everywhere and have found nothing.

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Assuming members added to a group, you go to the group name, and then members under Group Information → Members. If a group appears in this member list, then you remove the group from that particular groups member list. When the group member list is shown, in the top right there are options to invite users, or invite groups. So if a group was invited, then that group has to be deleted.

If you are unable to remove groups/members from a group, then that would suggest you don’t have enough permissions and aren’t the owner of the group. Else otherwise, it should be possible to delete.

If it is a group that has been invited to a project, then you do it under Project → Members when you select that particular project. Assuming of course you are the owner of the project.

If you do not have the owner role, then you will need to ask the person who does have that role, for the group to delete members from, or from the project to delete members from.

It is a bit confusing, the alert at the top of our screen says “Your top-level group is over the 5 user limit and has been placed in a read-only state.” and I am the owner of that group. However, in the member list, it shows 5 people with “project invite” tags next to their names and no groups. The remove user button alerts: “Members who were invited via a group invitation cannot be removed”. When I go through every project, none of the projects have any groups associated with them. I am an owner of all the assets, so I would assume I could see any added groups.

Do I need to contact the owner of the group to remove his own members?

I am having the same issue, but I am the owner of the group. I was not originally the owner of the groups, so I don’t know if this is the issue, but I am unable to add the unused accounts from the group.

It looks like the users I can not delete are part of a “Project Invite” so I don’t know if this is the issue.

I’m having the same issue, this is very frustrating as the project team I worked with in the past add new members that can access my groups, and it also prevents me from pushing to my project from Git.

remote: ========================================================================
remote: ERROR: Your top-level group is over the user limit and has been placed in a read-only state.

remote: ========================================================================
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights
and the repository exists.