Removing Invited members from a group - Issue - Can't do it


We received this warning message. And we checked that we only have 4 members on our group, after deleting one user that left our company a while ago.

What’s strange is; we’re not allowed to delete “Invited Users”. They are not linked to any projects.

I spoke to one of the engineers linked to the project and there’s no functionality on their profile to leave the Group either. Is this a bug or is there a specific user that can control every company, project, group and users?

Thank you for any insite how to resolve this issue.

I have the same issue, or very similar at least. The users I want to remove from my group do not show up on one group display page (Explore groups · GitLab/-/group_members), but do on another (Explore groups · GitLab/-/usage_quotas#seats-quota-tab).

In addition, the invited group to which they belong … is the group I’m try to remove them from! and that I am the Owner of!

Any solutions on your end?


Any luck @nraphael @Gilberto?
I’m facing the same issue.

Nope. Thanks for adding your voice to the chorus.


I am also facing the same issue.
Any Updates