Unable to upload CI/CD artefacts on gitlab.com - Entity too large

We’re long time gitlab.com users, with our CI/CD pipelines on gitlab, with private runners.
In the last 48 hours, our builds have been failing with:

e[31;1mERROR: Uploading artifacts as "archive" to coordinator... too large archivee[0;m  e[31;1mide[0;m=2141659884 e[31;1mresponseStatuse[0;m=413 Request Entity Too Large e[31;1mstatuse[0;m=413 e[31;1mtokene[0;m=
e[31;1mFATAL: too large                                  e[0;m 

Looking at our quotas for the project, it seems we have been uploading huge artefacts in the past - it seems there’s nearly 400GB of artefacts.

I’ve refined our build script to only upload what we actually need - although that is still circa 1GB per build.

  • Most of the artefacts we’ve stored aren’t needed. How do I free up space?

  • What is the maximum size for artefacts? We’ve been running this build for a long time without issue. Has the size changed recently? Or have we exceeded a quota? (ie., why is this failing now?)

  • Are there options for us to use our own storage for build artefacts, and therefore manage size limits ourselves?

Thanks for assistance on this one.


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According to the docs, the max size is 1GB.