Unable to use 2FA with Microsoft Authenticator

Hi all,

For many months I have been able to use Microsoft Authenticator on Android to log in to my gitlab.com free account.

However on the 7th Sept I tried to log in but it wouldn’t accept any code. Fortunately I used a recovery code to get in and then disabled 2FA. I tried to enable it again, but the pin code field wouldn’t accept any of my 2FA codes.

The issue seems to be identical to the one this user had with Google Authenticator in 2017: Problems signing in to gitlab.com with 2FA and Google Authenticator

Many thanks.

Resolved the issue.

My phone’s clock was manually set and presumably it was too far away from Gitlab’s server time to create a valid code (30s?).I set to be automatic by my phone company and I managed to enable 2FA again.