Disable 2FA

I have 2FA with the Microsoft Authenticator app, the problem is that I reset my mobile and now I don’t have a GitLab account in the authenticator. I can’t log in to GitLab without code and I can’t add a Gitlab account to the authenticator without login. Also, I have lost my recovery codes.

@vladimirpetukhov You can ssh to regenerate new recovery codes and use these to login to your account. Hope that helps!


ssh git@gitlab.com 2fa_recovery_codes
git@gitlab.com: Permission denied (publickey).

@vladimirpetukhov see recovery options.

Once you’re back in, please make sure you download the new recovery codes to reduce the likelihood that you find yourself in this situation again.

Then you are a bit stuffed. Gitlab no longer reset free accounts now unfortunately. So without an SSH key uploaded to your account prior to this happening, there isn’t anything you can do. This is another reason why I use the “Authy” app on my phone, since if I lose it, I just install the app on a new phone, use my phone number + authy backup password to restore and I’m all good again. But unfortunately this also doesn’t help you, but an idea for the future. The Google/Microsoft authenticators are crap in this effect because they don’t seem to offer this functionality.