Unit test output is missing

Looking at a pipeline’s Tests tab, we have test results outputting to junit xml format and that has been showing the results just fine until a couple hours ago. It’s showing a javascript error when clicking into the test results.

TypeError: n is null
i string_utils.js:23
render friendly_wrap.js:22
VueJS 5
Kt test_suite_table.vue:1
ye VueJS
Kt test_suite_table.vue:1
VueJS 39
TOGGLE_LOADING mutations.js:50
m vuex.esm.js:844
commit vuex.esm.js:466
commit vuex.esm.js:465
_withCommit vuex.esm.js:624
commit vuex.esm.js:464
commit vuex.esm.js:409
Sn actions.js:51
m vuex.esm.js:851
dispatch vuex.esm.js:516
dispatch vuex.esm.js:406
Mn actions.js:42
Mn actions.js:41
m vuex.esm.js:851
dispatch vuex.esm.js:516
dispatch vuex.esm.js:406
r vuex.esm.js:1064
summaryTableRowClick test_reports.vue:44
VueJS 4
tableRowClick test_summary_table.vue:29
click test_summary_table.vue:3

@culli - Thanks for posting and welcome to the forum!

I was able to replicate this and wrote up an bug issue that the team will review soon.

Thank you for letting us know!

-James H, GitLab Product Manager, Verify:Testing


This looks like it is fixed now, thanks!