Test details has disappeared

We had a working pipeline with unit tests, it all worked fine.

Today I discovered that the unit test details is no longer rendered, when viewed from the pipeline.
This is an issue for both brand new and historical pipeline runs. We did not change anything related to the pipeline configuration, and the failing tests have been there for long (i.e. the junit file is the same).

  • I can see all details perfectly from the merge request (Expanded view).
  • Then click “View full report” (to go to the pipeline).
  • The junit xml is visible in the pipeline artifacts.
  • The number of failures and errors are correctly displayed - So gitlab know how to parse (the junit header)
  • But, the test details are not shown.

@martin.thoegersen - Thanks for posting and welcome to the forum!

There was a similar issue posted last week that we believe has been resolved on gitlab.com and will be shipped in the 13.9 milestone.

Are you working on gitlab.com or on a self hosted instance, if the latter can you share your version? Thanks!

-James H, GitLab Product Manager, Verify:Testing

Hi @jheimbuck_gl - appreciate it.

This is gitlab.com, and yes it is very similar to the posted issue.

My error message seems to be different though:

vue.esm.js:1897 TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of null
at string_utils.js:23
at render (friendly_wrap.js:24)
at vue.esm.js:3067
at $e (vue.esm.js:3240)
at vue.esm.js:3431
at qe (vue.esm.js:3362)
at t._c (vue.esm.js:3500)
at test_suite_table.vue?0c50:1
at a.be [as _l] (vue.esm.js:2639)
at a.<anonymous> (test_suite_table.vue?0c50:1)

Thanks for the extra information @martin.thoegersen

If you have have a public project or can add me to a project to take a look it would be helpful to see the junit.xml being created. Thanks!

-James H, GitLab Product Manager, Verify:Testing

I will share an anonymised junit XML later.
For now, I can say that it’s created with tap2junit.

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