Upgrade GitLab10.6.0-ee to the latest version


I have GitLab10.6.0-ee on Docker and I want to upgrade it to the latest GitLab version that fits Ubuntu 18.04.

from reading this I understand that I first need to upgrade to some other intermediate version but I couldn’t see my version in this list.

What is the process to upgrade from my version to the latest one?

Any advice will be appreciated.



Since you are in the middle between:

it means your next upgrade is 10.8.7. Basically all the versions between 9.5.x and 10.8 weren’t deemed as important steps to go through until you get to 10.8.7. Maybe because there weren’t any migrations or major changes that 9.5 didn’t already address.

Then continue with the next version on the upgrade path as per the Gitlab docs. Make sure to wait for background migrations to finish before starting the next upgrade. The docs cover it.