UpdateGitlabCommitStatus in Jenkins not Displaying Stages in GitLab UI after Upgrading

Hello everyone,

I recently upgraded my GitLab instance to a newer version and noticed a change in behavior when using the updateGitlabCommitStatus step in Jenkins pipelines. Prior to the upgrade, when I triggered a Jenkins pipeline that utilized updateGitlabCommitStatus, GitLab would display the different stages of the pipeline in the UI, allowing for easy tracking of progress.

However, after the upgrade from v16.2.8 to v16.8.1, GitLab no longer shows the pipeline stages in the UI. The pipeline executes successfully in Jenkins, and I can see the individual stage outputs in the Jenkins console log, but these stages are not reflected in the GitLab UI.

I’ve checked the Jenkins job configuration, and everything seems to be set up correctly. The updateGitlabCommitStatus step is being invoked, and the GitLab API responses indicate that the status updates are being sent successfully.

Has anyone else encountered a similar issue after upgrading GitLab? Is there a configuration change or additional step required to ensure that pipeline stages are displayed in the GitLab UI with the newer version?

Any insights or guidance on resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
UI v16.2.8

UI v16.8.1

Did you find a solution for this, same issue?

Downgrading does not help. The pipeline status is linked correctly to the commit hash but not to the MR