Upgrade gitlab 8.14 to latest in docker

I am using gitlab 8.14, which is installed using docker. Now I want to update directly to the latest version. But I did not find a clear document. I read this document https://docs.gitlab.com/omnibus/docker/README.html#upgrade-gitlab-to-newer-version. I stopped my container directly and pulled the latest version, running with the same docker configuration. But the website did not respond correctly

I am just guessing if the version span is too large, so I want a clear document

Upgrading from 8.14 to the latest release is not possible. I guess you should upgrade step by step to the next major release: 8 -> 9 -> 10 -> 11.

Thank you. i have upgraded step by step …

i’m facing the same problem but on gitlab-ce Version 8.2 on a Virtual Machine with ubuntu 12.04 !! is it safe to upgrade it step by step i’ve seen in multiple discussions that there is a lot of dependencies problems and i’m in a production environnement

I’m not familiar with such a deployment for GitLab.

Probably you also have to upgrade the Ubuntu release?! Check the system requirements. May be it is a better approach deploying the latest release of GitLab on the latest supported Ubuntu distribution and migrating the DB?!

You’re welcome!

thank you @nightman68