Gitlab-ce version upgrade

Hi! gitlab-ce v11 is being used. It is the docker image by docker-compose.
The source can be found in GitHub - sameersbn/docker-gitlab: Dockerized GitLab.

Now, it is required to upgrade to the latest version. Is there any tricks or considerations to jump from v11 to v14?

Is there any similar cases for reference?

There are plenty of posts on the forum already about upgrading. Take a look at these, as well as the upgrade docs: Upgrading GitLab | GitLab

Make sure you follow the upgrade path. Do not attempt to jump to any specific version higher than what you should be upgrading too - unless you want to break your installation and then have to restore it.

Since you are using docker, then this would be more specific for you:

You will still need to follow the upgrade path and not just pull the latest docker image. I don’t use docker, I prefer proper installations on servers as I feel they are far easier to manage therefore other than what I have suggested I cannot help anymore. Feel free to search the forum, I expect people have already posted about upgrading Gitlab when using docker.

There is a note from the link GitHub - sameersbn/docker-gitlab: Dockerized GitLab


Upgrading to sameersbn/gitlab:14.4.3 from sameersbn/gitlab:7.x.x can cause issues. It is therefore required that you first upgrade to sameersbn/gitlab:8.0.5-1 before upgrading to sameersbn/gitlab:8.1.0 or higher.

W.r.t the above note, my interpretation is the upgrade from v8.1.0 or higher could do direct upgrade to v14.4.3.

Is there any one try the similar approach and upgraded successfully?

I guess if you are using his repository and instructions for installing/upgrading Gitlab then perhaps you should ask him?

The official Gitlab docker image comes from dockerhub.

I appreciate your message.
So, upgrade path will be followed.