How to upgrading a Gitlab Docker instance

I have a running Gitlab docker instance, it is running vesion 16.1.5 but I would like to upgrade gitlab to version 16.7.4 and this is goint to be my first time upgrading a Gitlab-Docker . In Omnibus installation is recomended to upgrade step by step in diferent versions when you have a big gap in versions.

Do I need to do the same when is a Docker version, upgrade step by step?? or can I upgrade directly to 16.7.4? How does it work?

Thanks for any recommendations.

You have to upgrade step-by-step, this is because certain versions have background migrations that need to be run.

If you attempt to upgrade directly to 16.7.4 chances are that either it will fail and say that you cannot do that, or it could break your installation.

Thanks @iwalker , no more questions. :+1:

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