Upgrade GitLab CE to v9.0 with a Omnibus package

Hi all,

I have GitLab Community Edition v8.13.1 installed with an Omnibus package in a Ubuntu 16.04 and I want to upgrade it to version 9. I have tried doing:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gitlab-ce

but I get the following result:
“gitlab-ce is already the newest version (8.13.1-ce.0).”

However, I have gitlab-runner at version 9.2.0, which I upgraded using “sudo apt-get install”, and now I cannot use the gitlab runners because I get the following error:
"ERROR: Checking GitLab compatibility… not-compatible reason=GitLab Runner >= 9.0 can be used ONLY with GitLab CE/EE >= 9.0 "

How can I update GitLab CE 8 to v9 with a Omnibus package? in case this is not possible yet, how can I go back to gitlab-runner v8?
I’m quite in a hurry, because I currently have the continous integration functionality of my project completely stopped.

thanks in advance!