Upgraded to 9.4.0 - CSS not loading

I’ve been googling this issue for a few days now and have not had any luck.

About my install:
Ubuntu 16,0,04 - Omnibus Install - Hosted on a Virtual Private Server
Gitlab-CE 9.4.0
Webserver: Apache2

My server was just setup last week, It worked fine. I ran apt-get upgrade and now the css wont load. I am seeing 403 forbidden errors in developer tools. I feel like its a permission issue but haven’t been able to get it fixed.

The other post I found basically had me stop gitlab, reconfigure, restart gitlab. That did not work, The other post I saw was to clear the ruby-rails cache. (forget exact wording)

Ive apt-get purge gitlab-ce and rm all remaining files leftover on my system, reinstalled and had same issue.

There is no data I have to worry about backing up since it was still a fresh install from the week prior.

Does any one have any suggestions?

Thank you in advanced.