Upgrading an operator based install

I have deployed an instance of GitLab in an OpenShift cluster using the operator. But as it seems, the latest compatible version of GitLab, that can be deployed with this method, is completely out of date (GitLab 14.9.1). When I try to deploy a newer version, the command errors out - am I missing something here, or is there no recent version available?


following the documentation in Operator Documentation | GitLab the Operator and GitLab require upgrades.

Operator 0.8.1 was released last week. Upgrading the Operator | GitLab Maybe the current operator version installed does not support the Helm chart version which provides newer versions of GitLab.

Please share the command and output from the error. Additional troubleshooting documentation can be found in doc/troubleshooting.md · master · GitLab.org / Cloud Native / GitLab Operator · GitLab

thanks, that what definitely a push in the right direction - I’ve probably found the reason:

I’ve installed the operator through the web-ui of my openshift cluster (from the operator hub), as it seems the most recent version there is 0.6.1, which installs 14.9.1. I’ve removed the old operator and deployed 0.8.1 through argo. Now I can deploy the newer versions.

The only issue I’m still facing, is that the deployment won’t update (except gitaly) via my argo deployment. But I still have a little more digging to do here.

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