Why use GitLab Operator instead of Helm?

Why use GitLab Operator instead of Helm?

I would like to know the great advantages of GitLab Operator. I read the GitLab Operator documentation, but I don’t quite understand it.

  • Ease the installation and configuration of GitLab instances.
    I don’t think the difficulty is much different than install GitLab Helm Chart.

  • Offer seamless upgrades from version to version.
    Is this mean zero-downtime upgrade? I don’t think the upgrade on GitLab Chart will change that much now.

  • Ease backup and restore of GitLab and its components.
    Both using the backup utility in toolbox (task-runner) is the same way.

Since GitLab Operator has become GA, I would like to introduce it, but I did not understand the clear merit, so please tell me.