Commit message closes issue but not remove Doing label

Fixes reference in commit message (fixes #2) closes issue as expected, but the Doing label remains.
I understand, that not all labels should be removed automatically, but maybe it is possible to define a set of them (i.e. To do, Doing) to be removed when an issue is closed whatever way?

Bonus question: if there are multiple integrations defined (like MantisBT, Asana), is there a way to refer specific destination? I found the only reference by #, which can be ambiguous.


I would really like this as well, and have been looking for such a feature for more than a year. Frankly, I’d have thought it would be default functionality.

Anyway, I’d prefer to include todo and doing as well, being lowercase variants.

I was not able to find an issue related to this on the GitLab issue board. Maybe opening an issue for this is best for now?

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Did you find a workaround ? What about the lower case versions of todo and doing ? How are they helping ?

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I think I have this issue too. I am using GitLab CE 13.1.4. The previous versions I used (back to 12) also have this issue.
On my Kanban board the label is removed if I go to the board and manually move the issue across the columns - so if I move the task from (in my case) In Review to Closed then the In Review label is removed. BUT, if instead I Close the task via the Close button the task is moved on the Kanban board to Closed but the In Review Label remains. Similarly, if the task is in In Review and there is a corresponding MR, once that MR is approved and the task is automatically Closed, the task is moved on the board from In Review to Closed but the In Review label remains.

At this point - we are just manually removing the In Review label, or, in some cases, we just drag and drop the task into Closed prior to approving the merge request.

Here is an example of my message above. Notice the In Review label is still on the now closed issue. This issue was closed by completing a MR. Had I manually dragged the task to Closed then the Label is removed.

This “problem” persists. My organization currently uses GitLab Enterprise Edition 13.2.1-ee. It would be beneficial if closing an issue via a mechanism other than the Board would remove similar labels like “Doing”.

It looks like that if the issue is closed using the “Close issue” button in the issue edition page, or using a /close command it does not remove the “Doing” label.
If the issue is dragged from the “Doing” list to the “Closed” list, the “Doing” label is removed as expected.