Viewing projects shared with a group

I remember that in previous versions of gitlab it was possible to view projects shared with a group in the view of the group’s projects. However this behavior seemingly is changed in v10.4. Does anybody know if this change is intended? How to discover all projects shared with a group right now?

Of course I can view all projects I have access to, but it seems impossible to filter them by access of the group.

I’d like to second this – projects shared with a group no longer show up in the group’s listing; it’s necessary to know what they are to find the association, defeating one of the primary purposes of sharing projects in groups.

Not trying to pile on here, but this blindsided us with the upgrade from 10.1 to 10.7 today. Our user management strategy is now completely screwed as we have hundreds of repos and going through each and every one to see what groups it’s shared with as opposed to the opposing view where I go to a group and see what projects it has access to is killing us.

Simply, we need to be able to see what projects are shared with a specific group. This was a major regression in functionality witht he way we use Gitlab.