Show issues of shared projects in group board

My goal is to create a GitLab Board that shows in each column all associated issues from a selected set of projects, so we can focus only on some project issues when looking with a specific team.
My understanding from the help section is that GitLab Groups is the answer:

  • Create a group / subgroup inside our organisation (WORKS)
  • Invite all required members into this group (WORKS)
  • Go to each project (that should be visible for this group) and invite the newly created group via the ‘Members’ configuration of the project (WORKS)
  • Go to the groups page and check if all shared projects are listed in the ‘Shared Projects’ section (WORKS)
  • Go to the board page of that group and check for all columns if all associated issues from each shared project is listed in there (FAILS, no issues at all for all columns!)
    → What am I doing wrong? We use the free plan and from my understanding this is already possible at free plan level
    → Are there any additional steps necessary that I miss with the approach above?

Every group member is also member of the organisation (all devs) and is also member in each shared project) -

Cheers in advance 4 feedback! :slight_smile: