Visitor Stats for Gitlab Pages?


I have a small web site set up on Gitlab Pages, and I was wondering if there are any stats, for number of visits/visitors to each page? I’ve been searching, but haven’t found anything. Does this feature just not exist? I don’t need a lot of detail, just want to know if anyone is seeing the site.



Hello @cameron, unfortunately there’s no any analytics available yet.

I would also be interested in this feature. Just like @cameron I do not need loads of details, but just want to know whether somebody is visiting this site or not.

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Can a third-party service be used for this purpose?

Please, I would really like to know whether it is worth it to put effort into my page or if no one looks at it anyway!

I consider any stuff that works in client’s browsers and does something that client might not want it to do as unethical behavior. From the technical perspective the step from just counting visits to collecting and selling user’s data is veeery small.

If we can achieve this by just parsing access logs, that would be great.
Can we have an issue for this please?