What exactly is the paid feature "Multi-project pipeline visualization"

I can’t figure out what exactly am I missing by using a free tier account when it comes to the Multi-project pipeline visualization.

I created a sample multi-project pipeline here https://gitlab.com/miketaylor1/pipelines/-/pipelines/155628021
and I can very well see some multi-project graph there

What else would I get if I upgraded to the Silver tier?


Based on this documentation, it looks like it adds a widget to the merge request page view to display the downstream pipelines.

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yes, that’s also been visualized in the docs. The feature you’re are references between multiple projects, since you can trigger jobs in a different repository to continue, if you do not follow the monorepo approach. Adding these triggers and references can get complex - this is where a better visualization helps customers.

Portions of the trigger keyword have been moved to Core for parent/child pipeline support recently. That is why the downstream pipeline above works for you as well. This was made happen to not overly complicate things, and adds a nice feature for everyone.