What is the green "Next" text next to the GitLab logo in the dashboard?

Doesn’t seem like it does anything. Why is it there? What does it mean?


Hi @rafael and welcome to the forum!

Quoting the handbook:

GitLab makes use of a ‘Canary’ stage. Production Canary is a series of servers running GitLab code in production environment. The Canary stage contains code functional elements like web, container registry and git servers while sharing data elements such as sidekiq, database, and file storage with production. This allows UX code and most application logic code to be consumed by smaller subset of users under real world scenarios before being made available to all users on GitLab.com.

The production Canary stage is forcibly enabled for all users visiting GitLab Inc. operated groups:

The Infrastructure department teams can globally disable use of production Canary when necessary. Individuals can also opt-out of using production Canary environments. However, opting-out does not include the aforementioned groups above.

To opt in/out, go to https://next.gitlab.com/ and move the toggle appropriately.

To verify that Canary is enabled, in the header, next to the GitLab logo will be a ‘Next’ icon, or use the performance bar (typing pb ) in GitLab and watch out for the Canary icon next to the web server name.

There is also a related issue:

I hope this helps!


Thanks I get it now. I have the “Next” icon but when I go to next.gitlab.com it says I’m on the current version of GitLab so I’m not sure why it’s appearing?

@rafael We do also force certain requests to our canary environment so you’ll see Next show up as long as the canary environment is running and you’re viewing a portion of GitLab.com that is only available on our canary environment at that time even if you have it toggled off.

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