Where is doc on how to install gitlab-ci "omnibus" version?

I am trying to install omnibus version of gitlab-ci 7.11.4
Can anyone please point me to the doc of how to have this installed?

Also can i have this installed on same server that hosts omnibus version of gitlab 7.11.4 and have them both listen on port 80?


CI is bundled in GitLab omnibus 7.11.4, so if you have that installed you only need to configure your gitlab.rb template starting from here.

BUT, I highly suggest to update to latest 8.1 since CI in now a part of GitLab and not a separate application. It will save you lots of time of migrating in the future.

I am working on new CI docs which will be finished this week, see https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/merge_requests/1755