Where is the Admin Area located?

I need to access the Admin Area, but I can’t find it on the following page

There is no Admin Area in my left sidebar.

When I search I can only find a user named “Admin Area”.

This repository was created by me and I am the administrator because no other user has access to it (maybe).
However, I cannot find the admin area.
If you have the url for it, please let me know.

Click “Search or go to…” in the popup window you will see the option for “Admin Area” If this is your own installation of Gitlab, you need admin privileges to see this. If this is gitlab.com then you will never see the Admin Area. Only Gitlab staff see this.

Also note, being an Owner of a repository, doesn’t make you an Admin of the Gitlab installation.

I see.
I am using gitlab.com, so I can’t seem to change this.
Thank you.