Where is the admin area?

In my earlier Gitlab installation was an admin area to manage some things.
With Version Gitlab CE 8.15 I cannot find the admin area.
Can somebody tell me, where I can find it?


If you have enough rights, then it’s a wrench icon in right corner next to the notifications.

Great! Ha!
Ok, how can I get the rights?
I am the owner, the installer, the manager, developer, administrator. During the installation process there was no note to this.

Thank you


After you installed GitLab and on your first visit, you would’ve been redirected to a password reset screen to provide the password for the initial administrator account. You should’ve entered your desired password and gotten redirected back to the login screen.

The default account’s username is root. Provide the password you created earlier and login. After login you can change the username if you wish.

I’m thinking maybe you registered a new account instead of doing the above? Maybe try log in as the admin user with username root and password 5iveL!fe? Then edit that user as your new admin account.


Thank you.
There was no option, no possibility for the admin account.
I can register a new account (admin is reserved, root too), there is no chance for admin.
The root and default password does not work too.

I can not see any possibility to make a user to be admin.

Oh, what a stupid thing. I did not remember, how that happens, but I found a very good password on a note and did tried that for the root user - success! I did not remember that process during the installation…
Sorry - and thank you for your help!

Do you know how I can become the “admin” for gitlab.com hosted projects?

That’s not possible :slight_smile:

How to contact a gitlab administrator ? I have an issue with a certain page I’m trying to open.

How is an upgrade from the SaaS version to Premium/Ultimate possible on gitlab.com, without access to the admin area?