Where is the API for this forum?

You know, the thing that is kind of available in PoC forum software. So people don’t have to parse the webpages.

Yes, I won’t complain* even if it is a shoddy, incomplete GraphQL or Representational state transfer( ReST ) API implementation.

I won’t complain. Unless there is no good library in working condition in my preferred languages for this task, don’t count Javascript or Typescript. Or similar web languages, it includes PHP.

The docs for the API, the link for it is not in any good place. If the docs exists at all.

How do you even manage to use this forum for more than 5 seconds? Everyone has lesser tolerance for slow things that can be made faster. So most people would not even like to use this forum.

PoC - Proof of Concept
complain - complain as much as most users on Github about things not many folks care about
GraphQL - you don’t need to know about it for now, other than the fact - it’s a popular thing, Github is using it

And with that edit, I definitely revealed my experience level.
Not that anyone will notice. :joy_cat:

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That’s why companies are dumb. For eg - Github, Microsoft, and X.

E.g.: https://forum.gitlab.com/posts.json

There is also a SDK in Ruby: https://github.com/discourse/discourse_api

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For a request via HTTPS

{"errors":["The requested URL or resource could not be found."],"error_type":"not_found"}
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Which endpoint? They should all work under HTTPS, probably you mistyped the URL

Why do you think someone would use the Ruby SDK first?

Heroes? I see you guys help out people with their issues, makes sense.

Though if you can manage to use this forum for this long, you are superheros. I think.

I’m no hero. Just a mortal.

You asked for a library in the first post :thinking:

Actually it’s a bit more, it’s about contributing to Gitlab in general: https://about.gitlab.com/community/heroes/

Actually it’s a bit more, it’s about contributing to Gitlab in general: https://about.gitlab.com/community/heroes/

:black_heart: Thanks

For example - The endpoint to grab all the posts.

What’s the problem with the endpoint to grab all the posts?

It’s reachable here: https://forum.gitlab.com/posts.json

curl https://forum.gitlab.com/posts.json -s | jq '.latest_posts[].topic_html_title'                                                                     ─╯
"Build docker image from artifact"
"Show Visual Studio C# errors/warnings in the code quality tab"
"Gitlab runner doesn’t check out any code"
"Build docker image from artifact"
"After update to premium cannot edit “Any eligible user”"
"Build docker image from artifact"
"Build docker image from artifact"
"Use test coverage visualization in Merge Request"
"Where is the API for this forum?"
"Where is the API for this forum?"
"Gitlab URL does not show real URL"
"Unable to authenticate Gitlab in Sourcetree"
"Load pubkey “/c/Users/xxx/.ssh/id_rsa”: invalid format"
"Load pubkey “/c/Users/xxx/.ssh/id_rsa”: invalid format"
"Structural Integrity Problem"
"[BareMetal k8s Integartions] Service is not ready: gitlab-managed-apps/ingress-nginx-ingress-controller"
"Need to continue with CI script when xcodebuild test fails"
"Suppress gitlab-backup restore prompt"
"Load pubkey “/c/Users/xxx/.ssh/id_rsa”: invalid format"
"Annoying tooltip in mini-pipeline-graph-dropdown-menu"
"Is there a way to apply a git patch to a repository using REST Api?"
"Error when goign to group settings"
"Unable to establish GitLab Jira Development Panel integration - invalid OAuth scope?"
"Show Visual Studio C# errors/warnings in the code quality tab"
"I can’t clone a repository via SSH Permission denied"
"Git clean sometime failing with “invalid argument”"
"Triggering a pipeline on another branch for the same project"
"Best practices replicating the CI workflow locally?"
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Why do you think someone would use the Ruby SDK first?

I meant something different, there was a 2 way fork in the conversation there. I thought you would figure it out since you used the thinking emoji.

What I meant was that there is less control with a library than plain HTTP requests for some users.

Where do I get the API key? Can’t find it.
Seems like the forum does not have an option to generate one for users.

And the /admin endpoint which can generate it is private, I suspect. Despite the problems it creates for forum users.

thanks for the help

You can generate them from https://forum.gitlab.com/user-api-key/new

Full instructions: https://meta.discourse.org/t/user-api-keys-specification/48536

I suggest you looking on the discourse.org forum for more support about developing, they are definitely more prepared, since they develop the software :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot. :heavy_check_mark:

This is also a part of the solution -

When I do ‘https://forum.gitlab.com/user-api-key/new

It just returns {"errors":["param is missing or the value is empty: public_key"]}
Is it setup according to the instructions.

I think it might have to do with this comment -


Correction - It has something to do with the above stupid comment by the co-founder.

With that I think it is beyond high time to jump ship and stay sane. I apologize for using this forum despite my first impressions.

Thank you and stay safe in the pandemic. Please calm down and think, it’s not an impossible problem to solve.

Yes, of course, you have to specify the parameters:

https://forum.gitlab.com/user-api-key/new?auth_redirect=example.com&application_name=example&client_id=example_id&scopes=read&nonce=123&public_key=-----BEGIN%20PUBLIC%20KEY----- MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQDfAe3AbSF37tr2jj5DYoP5IhL8 BvZMg1rUS%2B3xGMC8BAobTiy%2BEBFs7bshC908F7zzQhlf%2BSi2xpn4oqryc6wdCqsX jgIOASaeMn8gblTtT0UBK42l%2FMFoEL%2FepxnLypcdu%2FYwwYnybVqYwSPRK9VJY%2BF7 eBkxioId0iUhn%2Fr0zQIDAQAB -----END%20PUBLIC%20KEY-----

Of course you need to replace my public key with yours, otherwise you cannot decrypt the answer.

with the above stupid comment by the co-founder.

I’d really learn a bit more about what you have to do to have things working, and reading the documentation, before name-calling able developers. So, act a bit less entitled and do your homework.

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