Does the interactive advanced user tutorial exist?

The page for the Licensed badge over at mentions an interactive advanced user tutorial. Apparently one user has managed to complete it. I’ve tried to find that tutorial, but so far with no success. Does it actually exist ?

If it does exist should it get put somewhere more prominent? It seems to me that the point of a tutorial is for people to use it, so it should probably be put somewhere they can at least find it.

That looks like a discourse (forum) tutorial. Are you looking for a GitLab tutorial?

My understanding is that it would be a tutorial for using the GitLab forum. I suspect it would be the largely the same as other discourse forums, but I believe discourse forums can be customised to some extent.

I think @TELunus is looking for the referenced discourse tutorial in order to earn the badge (there’s now three users with this badge as of this post, btw)

asking (at)discobot start advanced user in your discobot thread should do the trick :wink:

replace that (at) above :point_up_2: