Where is the "send email to users" button? (how to send an email to all users)


we are currently running the lastest GitLab version, but I cannot see a possibility to reach all current users. According to https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/tools/email.html there should be an appriate button somewhere but I cannot find it in our installation. Maybe it has gone?

If there is no such button: Is there a way to reach all current users of our installation by mail?


Hello, do you use the commercial EE version? The community edition doesn’t have this feature.

In fact I’m using the community edition, not the EE version. What a pity. But thanks for enlightening me :wink:

Is there not even some (out of the box) commandline/ruby command to extract a list of email addresses (and maybe also the usernames) in the Community Edition? (yes, strictly speaking this wouldn’t be the answer to the question but would be an solution of the underlying problem (how to get the list of user email addresses…) :slight_smile: )


take a look at https://docs.gitlab.com/ce/api/members.html. If your member list is less than 100, curl is sufficient to get the user list. There is a ruby gem as well, which handles iterating if you have more than 100 members. Instead of the numeric id you may use the project path directly but you need to escape the slash, e.g. foo/bar is foo℅2Fbar.


Unfortunately the API returns the result in a single long - basically unparseable - line. So that’s not usable for me.
Regarding the “ruby gem”: I don’t really know what a ruby gem is and how to install or use it. But we have worked around the issue by asking all users to register to a specific maillist.

Thanks anyway. For all rubyists your suggestion is probably the way to go…:slight_smile:

The line is JSON, which you can parse. See: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3858671/unix-command-line-json-parser for some options.