Whitelisting of Gitlab email alerts

I have a Gitlab environment in on premise physical machines.

I have configured email alerts for all the commits,builds,etc.
So now I am facing some challenges regarding the email notifications as some of the commits with master and non-master branches are going into the spam section.

Kindly suggest some tips or help to resolve this issue.Thanks.


Then you need to fix your email system so that it doesn’t mark them as spam. Nothing can be done from the Gitlab side, as this is just configured to send the email to whatever you configured it for.

If it is being marked as spam, then it is your email server configuration that needs to be changed accordingly to not do that for those particular emails.

Maybe your email is sent without authenticating, or maybe it is sent from an IP address that your mail server says it shouldn’t be sending from, if using SPF for example. Or maybe they are not signed with DKIM and your email server expects that.

Only you know how your email server marks things as spam and for what reason, so you need to check whatever you have configured. Or ask your mail server administrators to fix it.

My email system is hosted on the google platform.
Can you please suggest further.Thanks

Then you have to whitelist it in your google email platform. Whitelisting is not done from Gitlab. That is a mail server feature.


Please check the attached image my sender address is gitlab@gitlabserver.mydomain.com .
Can you please guide how to change gitlab@gitlabserver.mydomain.com to the myuser@mydomain.com.
I do not have a domain user called gitlab.


See the docs: SMTP settings | GitLab

It explains what options you need to set - which I’m guessing you haven’t done.