Why Uploading multiple files is not possible?


I am a newbie on GitLab CE
I am trying to upload many files at the sametime.
How can i do it ?
When i try to uplaod many files, menu only purposes (Upload file)
What should i do to have (Upload files) menu ?
Thank for your help


It has been an issue for many months, it has been discussed but no action ever taken. It is a simple workaround that would actually help you be more efficient with the git system anyway:

You just need to download an external git client, connect to your GitLab account, clone the repository to your PC, add your files to the local repository, then push back to the remote repository.

External git clients are applications like Source Tree, GitKraken(My personal choice), and GitHub Desktop. Each will provide tutorials on how to accomplish the thing I said above with the respective application.