Wrongly formed `rendered_image_url` for custom project badges

As per the documentation at Project badges API | GitLab, when we create custom badges, the API should return with responding containing rendered_image_url where the placeholder should be replaced. But we are seeing that gitlab response containing different URLs of the domain https://user-content.gitlab-static.net/, this is posing a challenge for us since badge urls are private and not aren’t exposed to public internet.


    "name": null,
    "link_url": "https://cqm.ia55.net/dashboard?id=armor",
    "image_url": "http://cqm.ia55.net/api/project_badges/measure?project=armor&metric=security_rating",
    "rendered_link_url": "https://cqm.ia55.net/dashboard?id=armor",
    "rendered_image_url": "http://cqm.ia55.net/api/project_badges/measure?project=armor&metric=security_rating"


Is this the expected behavior? If so, can the documentation be corrected accordingly.

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