Zero Downtime Reindexing Failed

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    Zero Downtime Reindexing Failed
    Error: You have unapplied advanced search migrations. Please wait until it is finished

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    I triggered Cluster Reindexing and it failed.
    We are using AWS Open search service for Elastic search.
    I don’t how to execute Gitlab rake commands
    Request you to please guide me on how to

  • verify whether advance search migration is enabled or not
  • how to start advance search migration

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I checked elasticsearch.log but couldn’t find any specific error. I could warning


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  • GitLab (Web: /help or [self-managed system information] (Maintenance Rake tasks | GitLab)): 16.10.1
  • GitLab Runner, if self-hosted (Web /admin/runners or CLI gitlab-runner --version): 15.6.3

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  3. Troubleshooting docs: GitLab Runner, self-managed GitLab instances.

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