10 gb size


suddenly we have issues about the gitlab 10 gb size. Our repo is 7gb locally but 10 gb inside according to gitlab.
Anyone know the fix? i did the housekeeping task didnt solve anything

Hi, @eevee911.

EDIT: apologies for the misleading answer below. This similar thread has an accepted solution you might want to try: Cannot Reduce Repo Size - #3 by gitlab-greg

Since you mentioned the housekeeping task, I assume this is your self-managed instance. Did you try the Clean up tasks?

Do you need to configure the default artifacts expiration?

Are you using the container registry? This is also an usual culprit for high disk usage and has its own garbage collection task: GitLab Container Registry administration | GitLab.

I hope these help but, if they don’t, this page can help you determine what exactly is using your disk space: File Storage in GitLab | GitLab


i tried it but it didnt work. still says we are 3GB over the limit

If the repo says it’s got 7GB of files, the extra 3GB may be pipeline logs and artefacts, which can be deleted (if you wish!).




They can be deleted.