Gitlab 10gb does not get refreshed after removing files

I’ve accidently pushed a heavy library, which got me close to 10GB repo limit. Now I’m not able to push anything… I removed files in all branches using Web IDE, but I still not able to push, as gitlab still thinks I have 10gb in my repo. Why? Does it count all previous commits?

How do I increase 10gb limit, or how to make gitlab to recalculate the size of my repo?


The principle of any git repo is to memorize all : it keeps indeed previous commits, taking place.

Extreme solution : copy your current tiny space to a new repo B (if you want same name : delete ancient repo, then rename B )

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yep, the Git history preserves all files, and while it tries to keep the delta diffs between commits small with hex diffs, binaries and larger assets add to the overall size. Next to resetting the history, @moueza 's suggestion to start anew is reasonable, if you do not care about the history. Or you revert back the

I’ve accidently pushed a heavy library

If you want to go the destructive route, Reduce repository size | GitLab can be of interest. Note that it needs Git experience and is not aimed at beginners.

An alternative option is to purchase additional storage on SaaS.