Repository size supposedly increased to 38GB overnight, Pushing blocked. What now?

Our (free) Git repository that takes about 500MB locally supposedly grew far past the free 10GB threshold up to 38GB tonight, although no commits were made.

“filter-repo” indicates the offending file is a 5MB json file, that supposedly takes up 38GB on the server. since we didn’t commit 28GB of data since yesterday (maybe 28 kilobyte!) i can only imagine there is a bug in the Git server.

could an Admin have a look at our repo corecode-website/website ?


We had the same thing pop up this morning. There is an enforcement on repository sizes. Although the enforcement was not supposed to take effect until 2022-10-19. And Impacted users are notified via email and in-app notifications at least 60 days prior to enforcement.

thanks for confirming that there is something going on that shouldn’t happen. we cannot even do the recommended cleanup ( Reduce repository size | GitLab ) because pushing to the repository doesn’t work now!

this may be connected:

They deployed a new version yesterday (15.3) in which they “improved” their way of calculating storage size: GitLab 15.3 released with tasks for managing your work and free GitOps features | GitLab

When following that link, this leads to an issue about them switching to the git cat-file command to calculate file sizes: Investigate way to exclude internal refs from cat-file repository size calculation (#4428) · Issues · / gitaly · GitLab
They re-calculate storage size on a schedule (one a day?) so that explains why the problem suddenly emerged.

Previously, before the 15.3 update, our calculations were:
1.8 GB Git Repostiory + 25.6 GB LFS data totalling 27.4 GB. We bought 2 additional packs of 10GB, increasing our storage limit to 30 GB.

This can be verified by doing a bare repo clone and getting all LFS data (replaced our project name by xxx):

git clone --bare
cd xxx.git
git lfs fetch --all

Because Git objects are compressed, the Git repository takes up only 1.8 GB, but with all LFS data, the total is 27.4 GB on disk.

However, it seems that git cat-file supposedly outputs uncompressed sizes (even though they are stored compressed) and suddenly, our 1.8 GB turned into 36.7 GB today. When using something like git-sizer yields similar results with numbers way higher than what the actual size on disk is.

Our company has been stuck all afternoon because of this!

The issue is resolved. Our Git repository size is back down from 36.7 GB to 1.9 GB today…

confirmed. ours went from 38GB to 300MB!