403 Forbidden - Your account has been blocked


Please can someone assist with unblocking my account. I may have inadvertently violated the terms of use for Gitlab.com and I suspect that this was due to a related misconfiguration in the GitLab Workflow extension within VS Code, which was using my Personal Access Token to authenticate with GitLab.com

I’m now seeing the following error message:

403 - “{“message”:“403 Forbidden - Your account has been blocked.”}”

StatusCodeError: 403 - “{“message”:“403 Forbidden - Your account has been blocked.”}”

I have submitted a support ticket and only received the automated response email to indicate this was received.

GitLab support request 199885

I would really appreciate any assistance and thank you in advance.


Most of us here are community members and not Gitlab staff, so we cannot unblock your account.

Please note, paid customers are serviced first if you are a free user, therefore you will have to be patient, but someone should get in contact with you.

Thanks for the reply.
Was a bit concerned as this article Support | GitLab seems to indicate that as a free user the forum must be used for any support - hence my creation of this topic.

However, if someone is going to get in touch then I’m happy to wait :slight_smile:

Yep, for most things we can help as community users :slight_smile: all except account issues registered on gitlab.com - in that instance, has to be support ticket and they should contact within a day or two.

@passedpawn1986, please create an issue here: Submit a request – GitLab, Inc..

For the reason, select “Gitlab.com (SaaS) user accounts and login issues”. In subscription pick “Free user” (or whatever subscription you have). For Problem type, choose “Unable to login”.

Thanks for the reply. Just to confirm this issue has been resolved now - they contacted me within a day and reinstated my account after it being blocked automatically due to a false positive in a snippet.