500 error on merge request page in cloud

Hello, we just turn to Gitlab from Bitbucket (we use cloud version)
And in all project’s on page “Merge request” we have an 500 error. (see screenshot in attachment)

So, how can we fix it?

Hey @a.barhan, this issue was identified by this bug issue and fixed by this merge request. This should be resolved once a RC version that contains the fix is deployed to GitLab.com.

Hi @Tristan,
thank’s for answer. So, could you say how far is release with this bug fix?
And may be you can advice some workaround for us?

@a.barhan If I’m correct this fix should be included in 11.9.0-rc8, you can see what version GitLab.com is currently on here. We don’t provide ETA’s for RC versions as they do not follow a strict release schedule like our normal releases, but it should be out soon.