Group validation instead of user validation for Shared Runners

Misuse Prevention for Shared Runners

I am working on a few private GitLab repositories with several colleagues and we use GitLab CI and Shared Runners to build and deploy our product. Whenever new developers join our team they need to validate themselves by giving their credit card information. Since not everyone has a credit card or is willing to give away their information, we would like to validate our group and not a user and could enter a central credit card for all group members. Since only invited members are able to push code to and we are a small team, we think there is no risk that the Shared Runners will be misused.

  1. Is this possible?
  2. If not, can it be made possible?

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Hi @pgoetz

this has been discussed in this thread and you might want to keep an eye on that one because GitLab employees have posted on it.

I think what you are looking for is not yet possible, but I believe GitLab is looking at other forms of SPAM protection that might mean that user validation can be relaxed.

Thanks so much for your quick reply, Sarah! I had already seen this thread but didn’t find a solution. I will go through it in more detail and try to find more information about the proposed solutions and a potential timeline.