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I’ve created a free gitlab account on and created a new project, however, it seems I’m not the admin of the account. I’m the only one on that instance. How is it that I cannot be the admin? How do I enable the Admin for my account? Thanks in advance.


Admin to what exactly? You own any groups you create, you own any projects you create. If you refer to “admin” in the sense of administering a Gitlab instance, then you will not have this - that is for when you install it on your own server. is administered by Gitlab, so you will never have that kind of access.

If you want people to see your projects/groups, then you have to invite them to the project or groups so that they can access them. Go to group or project members to do that.

Sorry, I should’ve provided more info. I want to upload multiple artifacts (*.msi), most are below 50MB, but couple of them are around 250 & 180MB, however, the total adds up to be around 850MB. Looking at the docs, cloud instance has a limit of 1GB.

My job failed with payload too large error while uploading the artifacts

Not sure if I misunderstand the document or a setting needs to be changed.

Update: nevermind - the issue was between chair and keyboard. It was uploading more stuff that I was expecting.

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Good to hear that you figured it out,

In case anybody else comes by this, it might be good to say that you can’t change that limit, and it makes sense that you can’t. It (disk)space on a server provided by gitlab, so they have to limit it (and control that limit).