Anything wrong with my bug report?


We faced a small bug few weeks ago, but that really annoys us. So I’ve created a bug report for it in gitlab issues. It can be found here:

But it has no answer at all. I was wondering if it’s normal or if I did anything wrong? I used one of the template for bug report.

I could try to fix the bug by myself and to submit a PR, but I would need some help to find which files to edit.

I expect you just have to wait and be patient. Some might say email notification isn’t a critical problem in comparison to other things that need to be fixed, etc. What is a priority for you, might not be for others. Also, you’ll see issues get voted up when it’s agreed with or affecting other people as well. The more votes an issue gets, the more chance of it being fixed or added as a feature for example.

As you can see in total there are over 46,000 issues open. Yours is one of many.

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Ok thank you ! that what I thought.
So now I’d like to help since it’s open source, but I have no idea where to start.
Can I ask for help in this forum about this topic in particular? Or is there another place more “developper” oriented?

This might help:

I guess it’s pretty much the same as all others. Fork it, make the changes, merge request for them to accept. The main Gitlab project where you opened the issue has over 7000 forks, so would assume that is how it’s done.